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CPR always makes me nervous despite extensive training in practice. The BLS and ALS have filled the gaps in my knowledge and giving me a thorough understanding of CPA and the CPR interventions and monitoring procedures in place. I loved the RECOVER course and highly recommend them to the entire veterinary profession.

Before RECOVER, codes could feel like chaos. With RECOVER, CPR has become systematic and predictable by taking the guesswork out of the equation and gives the entire (trained) team clearly defined roles and evidence-based steps to take. No more chaos, just CPR.

RECOVER helped identify knowledge gaps and future research needs, influencing both clinical researchers as well as laboratory animal researchers. Getting certified means researchers involved in resuscitation research can ensure their study protocols follow the current best evidence, which is typically required for IACUC approval.

One of the biggest changes I have seen is that RECOVER training has allowed us to utilize all staff members. Assistants are taught to initiate CPR and participate in the code.

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