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This grid shows the status of each question in the Basic Life Support domain.

0. Awaiting Covidence Accept: This indicates that one or more evidence evaluator has not yet accepted the invitation to register for Covidence to begin the abstract screening.
1. Abstract Screening in Progress: Both evidence evaluators have accepted the invitation to screen abstracts and are in progress but one or more have not completed abstract screening.
2. Abstract Screen Approval: Both evidence evaluators have completed abstract screening and are waiting for the Domain Chairs to resolve conflicts. Once conflicts have been resolved, please scroll all the way to the right in the table and click on the link in the “Mark Abstract Conflicts Resolved” column for the PICO question for which you have completed conflict resolution.
3. Ready for Evidence Evaluation: Conflicts have been resolved and papers need to be uploaded to the Evidence Evaluation System.
4. Evidence Evaluation in Progress: Papers have been uploaded to the Evidence Evaluation System and EEs are working on the evidence evaluation process.
5. Evidence Evaluation Complete: Both EEs have indicated that they have completed the evidence evaluation process.

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