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The 2012
RECOVER Guidelines

Current Guidelines
Understanding Our Process

A Collaborative Effort in Evidence Evaluation

RECOVER is a collaborative initiative that systematically evaluated the evidence on 74 topics relevant to small animal CPR and generated 101 clinical CPR guidelines from this analysis. All primary contributors were veterinary specialists, approximately evenly split between academic institutions and private referral practices. The evidence evaluation and guideline drafting processes were conducted according to a predefined sequence of steps designed to reduce bias and increase the repeatability of the findings, including multiple levels of review, culminating in a consensus process. Many knowledge gaps were identified that will allow prioritization of research efforts in veterinary CPR.

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The evidence evaluation methodology was highly collaborative and similar to the evidence evaluation processes used by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), the organization that has conducted evidence analysis for treatment recommendation development in human CPR since 1992. Ties between the 2 organizations (RECOVER and ILCOR) already existed at the initiation of the project but were further strengthened during its evolution. Moreover, RECOVER was also endorsed and supported by the ACVECC and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS). We are optimistic that RECOVER is a sustainable initiative because it is composed of a large number of specialist volunteers from private practice and academia willing to commit to future projects and has obtained broad endorsement from important organizations in the fields of veterinary and human resuscitation.