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IMPORTANT UPDATE! – 11/17/2023

Instructor Certification Workshops Paused

After very careful consideration, we have decided to put a pause on Instructor Certification workshops until the courses are updated with the new guideline material. We will update the Instructor Certification workshop page and notify our Rescuers when new workshops become available.

Thank you for your understanding and enthusiasm.

Becoming a Certified Instructor

Spreading the Knowledge of RECOVER

RECOVER Certified BLS Rescuers® and RECOVER Certified ALS Rescuers® have the option of becoming RECOVER Certified BLS Instructors® and RECOVER Certified ALS Instructors®. Please note that this is a rigorous process and should only be undertaken by candidates who intend to teach Rescuer workshops.

Applicants must pass a written knowledge assessment demonstrating mastery of CPR topics. Links to apply for Instructor Certifications will be added to the list below as they become available. Please note that applicants must be current in their online BLS and ALS Rescuer Certifications (passed either the initial courses or the recertifications within the last 2 years) in order to be considered for Instructor training.

The RECOVER CPR Instructor Workshop is an intensive, 2-day training, RACE approved for 16 hours of in-person continuing education credits. The workshop has 3 key components; online pre-course work, a day of in-person instruction, and a day of practice running a BLS/ALS Rescuer course alongside seasoned RECOVER Instructors.

Becoming a RECOVER Certified BLS/ALS Instructor

To become a RECOVER Certified BLS/ALS Instructor, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online Basic and/or Advanced Life Support courses
  2. Complete the BLS/ALS Rescuer Workshop
  3. Prequalify to register for an Instructor Workshop by passing the Instructor Knowledge Assessment (see “Instructor Knowledge Assessment”)
  4. Complete an Instructor Certification Workshop

Instructor Knowledge Assessment

The Instructor Knowledge Assessment is a rigorous test of the knowledge gained during RECOVER Online and Rescuer training. The assessment is designed to ensure that the applicant fully understands the RECOVER guidelines before learning how to teach Rescuer labs. Before taking the RECOVER Instructor Knowledge Assessment candidates must:

  1. Be RECOVER Rescuer Certified – meaning they have completed both the online BLS/ALS modules and an in-person Rescuer Workshop.
  2. Be RECOVER Rescuer Certified for a period of at least 6 months and testify that they have practiced the information gathered during Rescuer Certification either in a clinic or in simulation before moving forward with the candidate assessment.
  3. Be current in their online BLS and ALS Module completions. Remember that recertification is required every 2 years.
  4. Be a licensed veterinary professional; either a Veterinary Technician or a Veterinarian

Once the above prerequisites are met, the candidate may access and complete the RECOVER Instructor Knowledge Assessment. We recommend that you review the guidelines before taking the exam.

Passing Scores

Learners must earn an 80% overall as well as 80% on each individual section in order to pass the assessment. Passing scores will be stored for 6 months while learners apply to Instructor Workshops. If learners do not pass, they must wait two weeks before retesting. Learners will be notified of their scores within 24 hours. Automation will alert users as to when the assessment needs to be repeated.

Test Structure

The Instructor Assessment contains 3 separate sections. A link to the next section appears once the previous section is completed. All questions on all three sections must be completed to be considered for grading. Each section asks for the name and email address of the applicant.

Once you have successfully passed the assessment, you will receive email updates as registration opens for Instructor workshops.