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IMPORTANT UPDATE! – 11/17/2023

Pet CPR Instructor Certification Workshops Paused

After very careful consideration, we have decided to put a pause on Instructor Certification workshops until the courses are updated with the new guideline material. We will update the Instructor Certification workshop page and notify our Rescuers when new workshops become available.

Thank you for your understanding and enthusiasm.

Spreading the Knowledge of RECOVER

RECOVER Certified BLS Rescuers® have the option of becoming RECOVER Certified Pet CPR Instructors®. Please note that this is a rigorous process and should only be undertaken by candidates who intend to teach Pet Rescuer workshops.

Links to register for Pet CPR Instructor Certification Workshops will be added to the Upcoming Workshops Page as they become available. Please note that applicants must be current in their BLS Rescuer Certification (passed either the initial course or the recertification within the last 2 years) in order to be considered for Instructor training.

This certification is for Licensed Veterinarians and Credentialed Veterinary Technicians who are interested in becoming an Instructor to certify RECOVER Pet Rescuers. Participants MUST have completed the BLS Rescuer Certification before attending this certification course. This instructor certification is targeted to certify instructors who then will be able to certify pet owners and pet professionals as RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuers in the concepts of CPR in dogs and cats.

Participants will learn how to conduct the Pet Rescuer certification course and administer standardized assessments to certify others as Pet Rescuers with basic CPR mannequins and how to deliver the standardized assessments to certify others. After completing a final exam on assessment skills, participants will be certified as Pet Rescuer Instructors through the RECOVER Initiative and the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.


Course length and type:

4 hour hands-on workshop

Course Objectives:

  • Instruct others to administer and assess proper high-quality chest compressions and breaths using the 30:2 technique in dogs and cats
  • Instruct other to administer and assess proper effective breaths using the mouth-to-snout technique in dogs and cats

Becoming a RECOVER Certified Pet CPR Instructor

To become a RECOVER Certified Pet CPR Instructor, follow these steps:

  1. Complete your BLS Rescuer Certification
  2. Register & complete a Pet CPR Instructor Workshop