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RECOVER CPR training is for Them and You.

Become certified today and improve outcomes!

Why Certify?

RECOVER CPR is the only official veterinary CPR certification recognized by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS), and is a non-profit program.

Be Prepared
Be Prepared

RECOVER Certified BLS Rescuers® and RECOVER Certified ALS Rescuers® are prepared for the ultimate emergency through the knowledge and skills required to give their patients the best chance of survival.


Methods supported by evidence reviewed by over 100 experts in the field are boiled down to key points and is made practical to apply.

A Better Team
A Better Team

Removes the stress and doubts of CPR by making it systematic and organized, leading to better team satisfaction. Communication and trust are improved by empowering the team.

The Benefits of RECOVER Certification
8.5 Hours of RACE Approved CE

Completion of both the Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) online modules will grant a total of eight and a half hours of RACE approved CE.

RECOVER CPR Certificate

RECOVER Certified BLS Rescuer® and RECOVER Certified ALS Rescuer® certificates are issued for display in veterinary practices and offices to inform pet owners of competent help.

Become a Certified Instructor

RECOVER Certified ALS Rescuers® are eligible to become certified instructors to train other veterinary professionals and pet owners in veterinary CPR.

Listing in the CPR Certification Directory

Certification status can be confirmed by veterinary practice owners, employers, pet owners, and the public through the directory search on the web.

Seal of Achievement

Your achievement and status can be shown through RECOVER badges to be placed on uniforms, communication materials, business cards, or practice websites.

Join the RECOVER Community

Take advantage of the RECOVER community to ask questions, celebrate successes, give and receive support, and share your expertise.

A whole team effort

One of the biggest changes I have seen is that RECOVER training has allowed us to utilize all staff members. Assistants are taught to initiate CPR and participate in the code.

The current best evidence

RECOVER helped identify knowledge gaps and future research needs, influencing both clinical researchers as well as laboratory animal researchers. Getting certified means researchers involved in resuscitation research can ensure their study protocols follow the current best evidence, which is typically required for IACUC approval.

No more chaos, just CPR.

Before RECOVER, codes could feel like chaos. With RECOVER, CPR has become systematic and predictable by taking the guesswork out of the equation and gives the entire (trained) team clearly defined roles and evidence-based steps to take. No more chaos, just CPR.

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