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Training for Pet Owners & Pet Professionals

RECOVER Pet Rescuer

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Certify to Perform RECOVER CPR for Pets

Individuals that have successfully completed the online RECOVER CPR Course for Pet Owners and Pet Professionals have the option of obtaining certification as a RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuer®, a certification awarded by the RECOVER Initiative that demonstrates competency in performing pet CPR.

To obtain Certified Pet Rescuer status, individuals must attend a Pet CPR Rescuer Certification workshop conducted by RECOVER Certified Pet Rescue Instructors® at local and regional events. As registration for workshops becomes available information will be added to the Upcoming Workshops page. Instructors who are available for private or smaller in-person certification sessions are listed in the Public Recover Instructor Directory.

Pet CPR Rescuer Workshops

Pet CPR Rescuer Workshops are highly interactive, hands-on sessions. Workshops are approximately 2 hours long with topics including assessing an unresponsive pet, performing chest compressions, and seeking emergency care.

RECOVER Certified Pet Rescue Instructors® are individuals that have undergone the certification program which allows them to conduct certification workshops that certify individuals as RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuers.

RECOVER Certified Pet Rescue Instructors are not employees or independent contractors of RECOVER. They have been delegated the ability to certify Pet Rescuers following our standardized training using the knowledge of the evidence-based RECOVER guidelines. Each instructor provides the training based on their own business model.

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