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RECOVER Pet CPR training is for Them and You.

Become certified today for your pet and peace of mind

Why Should Pet Owners and Pet Professionals Certify?

RECOVER CPR is the only official pet CPR certification recognized by the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ACVECC) and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS), and is a non-profit program.


Learn CPR methods supported by evidence reviewed by over 100 experts in the field that are boiled down to key points and are made practical to apply.

Be Prepared
Be Prepared

Emergencies occur unexpectedly . RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuers are prepared for the ultimate emergency through the knowledge and skills required to give our pets the best chance of survival.

The Benefits of RECOVER Certification
RECOVER CPR Certificate

RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuer certificates are issued for pet owners and professionals when achieving the certification through the online course followed by in-person training.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Completion of the RECOVER Pet CPR course prepares you to participate in practical in-person training to become certified as a RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuer.

Seal of Achievement

RECOVER Certified Pet Rescuers can show the achievement and status through a RECOVER badge to be displayed in communication materials.

Join the RECOVER Community

Take advantage of the RECOVER resources for additional education and the community to ask questions, celebrate successes, give and receive support, and share your expertise.

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